Our Team

This team is a rare one. All award-winning in our crafts, all emotionally attached to this community—we’re a creative force to be reckoned with. The Flats, in turn, has been enhanced from every vantage point.

Team members include Panther Constructors leading the construction and project management, Birmingham & Wood developing the architectural vision, ASIR Studio inspiring the interior design, and Colliers Residential rolling it out to the public. See below for bios and links to our websites. But even better, call us for a visit. This project is about shrinking the distance between us and you. We’re all in this together.

Panther Constructors – Project Management

Panther Constructors upholds a reputation for impeccable execution of ambitious visions. From the acclaimed renovation of the Vancouver International Airport, including a 30,000-gallon aquarium and 60-meter creek, to the technical wizardry behind the unforgettable Olympic LiveCity sites—Panther’s work is in a class of its own.

But their motivations extend beyond creative vision. Their innovation and streamlining make big ideas possible, big ideas that change communities. A recent project has been the Sarah McLachlan School of Music in nearby Mount Pleasant. Here they’ll do magic on a trim budget—converting a 1950s facility into music rooms and a concert hall, serving children for whom music lessons would be otherwise beyond grasp.

Whatever they’re constructing, large or small, it’s about projects that fuel life.

ASIRStudio – Interior Design

ASIRstudio is devoted to transforming the historic district of Chinatown into an inspired contemporary neighbourhood. They’ve creatively invested in the local culture, the development of contemporary programming, the creation of sustainable buildings, and the production of public art—all things that make urban development beautiful. They describe their work as Urban Acupuncture: pinpointed, thoughtful interventions that create a positive ripple effect throughout the neighbourhood.

ASIR’s work has been recognized internationally through awards, publications and exhibitions. They believe in forming multidisciplinary partnerships designed to strike out in new directions. Their breakthrough creations grace the streets of Vancouver and the mid-sized cities of southern Germany.

Birmingham & Wood – Architecture

Birmingham & Wood is an award-winning firm that has for long influenced Vancouver’s evolving aesthetic. Established in the 1930s, the original partners, William Birmingham and Woodruff Wood, were instrumental to the development of West Coast Modernist architecture. Their body of work was comprised largely of institutional and residential buildings uniquely suited to the materials and landscapes of the West Coast.

The current partners, Sandra Moore and James Burton, are committed to continuing the legacy of Birmingham and Wood. Institutional and residential projects comprise the greatest part of the firm’s current work. This work has been included in three definitive shows: “The Poetics of West Coast Modernism,” 2005; “The New Spirit” at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1997; and “A Measure of Consensus” at the UBC Fine Arts Gallery, 1986.

Colliers Residential – Marketing and Sales

Colliers Residential delivers marketing and sales strategies that are distinctively different from the rest. With long-term expertise in the Vancouver real estate market, they know that buyers, above all, need forthright information and assistance. They promise an honest conversation about each opportunity and the options within. They provide buyers with the knowledge and insights for making informed decisions. It’s a relationship with breathing room—giving buyers the opportunity to take in a vision and decide if it feels like home.

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