The Development

The Opportunity

Vancouver’s eyes are turning to Chinatown. It’s a National Historic Site attracting the newest urban hot spots—an emerging hub that deserves the attention.

Owning at The Flats will draw you into an eclectic community that feels honest and alive. Everyone who owns here lives it and loves it. It’s about walking to the corner for fresh produce. It’s lining up with neighbours for the catch of the day and knowing the shopkeeper by name. It’s Bao Bei Brasserie, The Keefer Bar, Pizzeria Farina, The London Pub, Café Brixton, Campagnolo, The Treasure Green Tea Company, Radha Yoga & Eatery, The Night Market—all just a walk away. Greenways, buses and SkyTrains all connect to Chinatown. It’s about feeling the city’s pulse and letting it inspire your day.

Only 28 homes and space for a dynamic, new storefront make The Flats a friendly neighbour to all that surround it. It’s time to live it.

Our Vision

The Flats is about neighbours building for neighbours. We live here, we work here—and we’re committed to being responsible, engaged members of the community. Long after construction is complete, we’ll still be here.

And, as we all know, heart is not enough. At least not when adding a nine-storey building to one of Vancouver’s most prized neighbourhoods. This project is about proving what’s possible—about our ability to merge quality with affordability, history with innovation and cultural celebration with new growth. And to do it all with the most efficient and impressive execution, one that honours what buyers have invested in this vision.

Vancouver’s Chinatown is now a National Historic Site and this only makes us prouder of this project’s potential. There is demand for thoughtful living that honours this historic landscape; a growing desire for something refreshing and real. The energy of this project is evolving fast. Join us.

The Architecture

Inspired design sends ripples through a neighbourhood. The Flats is a home that stands out, and yet weaves into the fabric of the community. It’s both subtle and striking.

For architectural enthusiasts, the design is packed with subtle local inspiration. The colourful, moveable shutters. The window boxes and Juliet balconies. The slender Chinatown silhouette. Even the windows unaligned on the west wall are a nod to the historic laneway facades of the area.

In contrast, the distinctive colours, like slate and sunlight, and the overall urban-modern style are striking. The sheet of windows overlooking Georgia Street. The rooftop patio overlooking the city. They celebrate the spirit of possibility this neighbourhood has always held.

This is not just architecture. It’s an idea. A desire to let the past breathe through the new, while preserving a historic footprint.

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